That’s exactly what I almost did when I saw MISSY ELLIOT hit the stage during Katy Perry’s (demonic) Superbowl performance. I figure if Lenny Kravitz, Missy, and those Sharks were there, there was still hope for the rest of us. Now don’t take me too too seriously on the “demonic” jibe, but seriously, a lion with glowing red eyes and half a bunch of minotaurs dancing around on a black and white chequered stage. Whatever, I really don’t care and figure this kind of crap has been around since WAAAAY before Ozzy Osbourne.

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Really, Katy Perry, you look stunning but a dress engulfed in flames?

Now, back to point of this post…Missy Elliot took over the stage during the 2015 Superbowl half time show and sang pretty much all of her hits. And, her dancers were dressed like dancers…there was no weird symbolism involved. Best throwback ever, because it proves my point that the ladies of Hip Hop have staying power.

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